PhD position (4 years) / PostDoc position (2 years) 


Research aim:

We are looking for a PhD student and a PostDoc who are enthusiastic to explore the mechanisms modulating the spatial orientation of (selected) guest molecules in model biological membranes using a range of microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. You will be expected to construct/modify and optimise microscopy setups to accommodate the required experiments, prepare biomimetic cell membranes with the guest molecules and visualize their spatial orientation in membrane model systems with modified properties such as structure, composition, hydration, and complexity.


Your profile:

You should ideally hold a Master’s degree or a PhD in physics, chemistry, biochemistry or biophysics and have a strong background in molecular physics, biophysics, spectroscopic and microscopic techniques. You should have a very good level of written and spoken English, enjoy teamwork, and be open to an international, multidisciplinary, and highly collaborative environment.


To apply:
For more information, please check the PhD offer (click
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