Join us! PhD student position available!

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student to join our research team from 2nd of October 2023. 


Project description:


The project aims to study the spatial orientation of selected guest molecules in various model biological membranes and provide insights, at the molecular level, into the mechanisms modulating the spatial orientation of these molecules. This will be achieved using a pallet of microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. The PhD student is expected to construct/modify and optimize microscopy setups in order to accommodate the required experiments. In the next stage he/she will focus on preparing biomimetic cell membranes with the selected guest molecules and tracking the spatial orientation of those guests in different membrane model systems with varying properties (structure, composition, hydration, complexity). In general, the PhD student is expected to design, execute and evaluate experiments independently; to design, construct and modify experimental setups; to be able to collaborate with others including research trips abroad; to prepare scientific reports and research manuscripts as well as to disseminate scientific results at conferences.


This position and research tasks are the part of the NCN project, “Molecular freeze dance - tracking the spatial orientation of molecules in biomimetic cell membranes”, SONATA BIS 12, 2022/46/E/ST4/00132.


For more details please check the PhD offer on Euraxess website (click) where you can find all necessary details about the project and application process.